COVID-19 Update - September 12th

Posted 12/9/2020

Following the UK governments announcement this week regarding the tightening of COVID-19 precautions, DVWG have spent the last couple of days confirming what the implications are for us.

Our legal position remains unchanged at this time, guidance still permitting a walking group with up to 30 people to meet. 

Internally, as you may remember DVWG’s management committee decided that our walk groups should be limited to a subgroup of 10 people and a total party size of 20 people, this will remain unchanged at this time. It will be changed when new guidance emerges either imposing or relaxing restrictions.

We do however wish to take the opportunity to remind everyone to practice social distancing and maintain good hand hygiene before, during and after our walks. Please do not attend if you feel unwell or have potential COVID-19 symptoms.

That said, we wish to thank you all for your cooperation so far and for supporting DVWG in what has been a successful resumption of group walks.

It’s been great to see you all again.



September Diary

Better late than never | Posted 5/9/2020

Quarterly diaries currently remain suspended as the changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic preclude long-term planning.  For the time being we intend to publish diaries on a monthly basis.  Unfortunately, today's walk report reminded me that I had not yet updated the site to that effect.  You should now find a downloadable diary for the remainder of this month in the Download section and I shall try to be more on the ball in future!

Hopefully at some point I'll be able to resume walking with you all! In the meantime, enjoy!


COVID-19 Update

Posted 8/8/2020

Following receiving updated government guidance and working through it to ensure we understand it fully, we are advised that DVWG can now increase group sizes on our walks. Government guidance indicating that up to 30 people can walk together.

However DVWG have elected to take a more cautious approach at this time and intend to increase our walk sub group sizes from 6 to 10 and sticking with a total number of 20 people on any walk.

We will of course continue with our COViD-19 rules and maintaining our walk mileage/attendance spreadsheet which will be used to assist in any track and trace event.

...And we're back

Posted 4/7/2020

Of sorts, at any rate.

DVWG will be commencing the 2020-21 season by arranging a limited number of walks with limited numbers of participants.  Regretfully at this time, we will not be in a position to welcome new participants on our walks.  There will be no quarterly diary at this stage and walks will be organised on a more ad-hoc basis than we are all used to.  Walk details will be disseminated by text message to those who have opted in to our SMS service and places allocated by reply to our messages, on a strict first-come-first-served basis.

Our walks will be subject to additional degrees of regulation, to prevent potential spread of Coronavirus and thus hopefully ensure the safety of walk leaders and participants alike.  The rules of participation will be handed out on paper forms by walk leaders at the start of walks.  They are also available in the Download section of the site, so we would ask participants to take the opportunity to familiarise themselves in advance of the steps we are taking.

We are thrilled to be in a position to offer this tentative resumption of group activities and ask you all for your continued patience and co-operation, in order to assist us with our plans going forwards.

Thanks to all who continue to support our group and we hope to see you soon.

DVWG Update

Posted 3/7/2020

DVWG are making significant strides in preparations for a return to group walks.

During the course of this week we have worked as a committee and with our insurers to compile a COVID-19 risk assessment and a set of walk safety rules which will be distributed at the start of each walk.

We intend to next quickly work on a method of processing your £1 donations electronically, bring our text communication lists up to date and hopefully we will then be able to re-start some walks in a modest and of course socially distanced way.

Thank you for your patience, support and offers of help and hopefully we will start to see some of you again soon.


The DVWG Management Committee

DVWG Announcement - COVID-19

Posted 28/6/2020

DVWGs management committee have held a discussion following questions from our regular walkers about resuming DVWG group walks.

Following this discussion our committee agreed that in principle some limited group walks will be able to resume provided that current government guidance around the COVID-19 pandemic is respected. In the short term we are going to explore ways of carrying out some evening walks in a safe manner, hopefully using any learnings to be able to roll out some weekend walks too, eventually.

As you can imagine there is a huge amount of preparation work to do in readiness for just one walk. 

Taking a safety first approach, we intend to carry out a risk assessment and put some group safety rules in place prior to any walks taking place. It is important to note that walks would only go ahead ensuring that government guidance around social distancing is maintained. 

In order for any walking activities to work successfully everyone involved will need to co-operate and stick to the rules. For this reason DVWG will exclude from further participation any walker who flagrantly fails to follow the applicable current guidance.

We also intend to put a walk booking system in place to ensure that the limited number of places are allocated fairly when we resume.

Upon resuming walks, sadly we will not be planning any family walks or be accepting bookings from anyone who has not attended a walk before. Our club championship will remain suspended until the restrictions of numbers of people on walks is lifted. Individual walker mileages will still be logged towards cumulative walking targets and prizes.

We thank everyone who has enquired for their continued support of DVWG and ask you to please bear with us just a little longer while we make some initial preparations for some very limited resumption of DVWG activities.

DVWG Statement - Coronavirus

Posted 16/4/2020

Following today’s government announcement of Coronavirus social distancing precautions staying in place for a further three weeks, DVWGs organising committee have reviewed our current position on the continuation of group activities.

Sadly at this time we have taken the decision to suspend all group activities indefinitely, but will continue to review our position regularly following the receipt of updated advice or any easing of restrictions by the UK Government.

We trust that everyone will understand our current position and will wish to walk with DVWG again once the current situation has passed.

We urge everyone to respect the UK Government’s social distancing rules at this time.

Note: This cancellation means that our Lake District Weekend will not go ahead as scheduled, we urge anyone with accommodation booked to cancel before incurring costs. This is particularly important if you have booked on an internet booking service such as Trivago

We sincerely hope that you and your families remain safe and well.


Kind Regards

The DVWG Organising Committee.