Trunce Trundle Family Walk - October 9th

Posted 9/10/2016

The bright, autumn sunshine that accompanied us for almost all of today's walk, made for an enjoyable circuit of the area where the River Don flows through Oxspring.  Whilst Nick Powell chose to sit this one out as he recovers from recent surgery, Liz Davis ably led our party of eleven adults, two children and a carried toddler on this four-mile route, based upon the route of the popular Trunce series of trail runs.

From the Waggon and Horses, we descended on Sheffield Road, taking a footpath upwards across a field, under the Trans Pennine Trail and down to the first stepping stone crossing.  Following Old Mill Lane, we then descended back to the river, this time being afforded a footbridge to cross the water course.  Ascending along the front of Trunce Farm we then dropped steeply to a second, trickier stepping stone crossing.  Negotiation of the first three, very slippery, stones was assisted by the marshalling of Nick, who had driven round to stand in the river and offer a helping hand to those who required it!  The route then returned on Old Mill Lane, ascending to where the Trans Pennine Trail crosses the road.  We followed the Trail back to Oxspring Primary School and let the kids loose in the playground opposite, before returning to the pub to take refreshments.

Many thanks to Liz for stepping in to lead this one and also to her reconnaissance posse who walked the route last weekend to ensure today ran smoothly.  Thanks also go out, as always, to everyone who attended for their continued support of the group and their contribution to making this another most pleasant outing.