Hoyland Evening Walk - July 6th

Posted 6/7/2016

A lovely, warm, evening stroll tonight, starting from St Peters Church at Hoyland, walking on paths down through Hoyland Common and then crossing fields over to Hay Green Lane in Birdwell.

From here we walked back to Hoyland Lowe via Shortwood returning to our start point via the Lowe Stand monument where we paused to take in the panoramic view around the area from one of the highest points in the borough.

An excellent turnout for tonight's walk too with fourteen adults, four children and one carried child attending too.

Finally a huge well done to Emily Kirk who led tonight's walk, map reading as she went along in a calm, confident and controlled manner and thoroughly deserved her round of applause from the rest of the group at the end of tonight's walk. Well done Emily for tonight's effort.