Peddars Way 2017

Posted 19/6/2016

After training for nearly twelve months, the founders of Dearne Valley Walking Group, David Kirk and Terence Rowland completed a walk along the Peddars Way in May 2007, this 45 mile trail is one of several long distance paths in the UK which is termed as a national trail.

The Peddars Way is 45 miles in length and follows the remains of an old roman road which travels roughly due north along the full length of the county of Norfolk, starting from Knettishall Heath Country Park, south of Thetford walking along well surfaced paths and finishes on the beach at Holme Next The Sea near Hunstanton on the North Norfolk coast.

The completion of the Peddars Way in 2007 led onto a regular interest in walking for David & Terence, leading onto some regular walking at weekends in the Peak District and the surrounding area, completion of the Norfolk Coast Path in 2008/9 and then an ascent of Mount Snowdon in April 2009.

From these early walks, the interest of friends & family led on to the creation of Dearne Valley Walking Group. The walking of the Peddars Way in 2007 was the first organised walk undertaken by David & Terence.

In 2017, it will be ten years since we walked the Peddars Way and we would like to complete this walk again over 3-4 days.

We would therefore like to organise this as a DVWG event and invite anyone who participates in our walks to come along and walk either part or whole of the walk with us. We would also like someone who could be a back-up driver for our party.

If you are interested in joining us for some or all of this walk, please let us know. There will be lots to organise including, maps, routes, transport and accommodation.

We hope to see you there.