Farnley Tyas And Castle Hill Family Walk - June 12th

Posted 13/6/2016

This walk was a response to a previous request for some more challenging family walks, better suited to the older kids. It was certainly a challenge but the abysmal (yet entirely accurate) weather forecast led to a somewhat depleted party. A slight cock up with the start point of St Lucius's Church put paid to our parking plans - Sunday Service was at 11am, coinciding exactly with our start time and leaving us with no space to park. Thankfully, we were rescued by a Golden Cock, who allowed us to park at their pub!

Our party of ten enjoyed a hilly but lovely outward leg of this 5.61 mile circuit, culminating atop Castle Hill at Victoria Tower. Sadly, the prevailing weather limited what would have been glorious 360-degree views and so we declined the admission charge to climb the tower itself. One for another day, perhaps.

Rain hit us at the tower and was steady for most of the return leg. An obscured footpath sign caused some brief navigational consternation and though we found our way back on to course, the heavens really opened on us at the end and we returned to the pub a soggy and bedraggled bunch! Our clothes may have been dampened (and then some!) but our spirits were not and we concluded proceedings with the traditional, congenial drinks. Thanks to all who made the effort to attend and made this an enjoyable day.