New diary online July, Aug, Sept 2016

Posted 5/6/2016

Please see the Events page to see the forthcoming walks and the Downloads page for the full printable diary in the usual formats.

We have responded to feedback on the previous diary from our participants. It was brought to our attention that the rigid format of Saturday adult walks and Sunday family walks does not suit all our walkers, so we are trying out some Sunday adult walks to see how attendances fare.  Also, it was mentioned that the longer days of summer afford us the chance to travel further afield to areas we would not otherwise explore.  Yesterday's attendance of 21 at Aysgarth seems to verify the potential of such walks and so there are some walks further into the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and East Coast in this diary.

As ever, we aim to meet the varied needs of an ever-widening audience with this diary and hope to see you all out with us on as many of these walks as possible.  In order to achieve this aim we need and, therefore, welcome your feedback.