Newmillerdam Toddler Walk - May 15th

Posted 15/5/2016

A quite lovely 1.6 miles toddler walk around Newmillerdam lake today in some very welcome spring sunshine.

As usual the toddler walk was taken at a steady pace for the benefit of our youngest walkers, a coffee stop at the old boathouse certainly helped the gentle amble.

A total of 18 adults, 9 children and one none walking baby attended the walk today.

A big hello to Kathleen Gray, who at 77 years young completed the walk and helped to demonstrate our friendly group is for all ages, Kathleen is the oldest person to walk with DVWG, well done from everyone !!!

A big hello to Denise Martin and the family of Julie Foster who walked today too.

A significant milestone was reached today, with the addition of today's new faces, 100 adults have walked with DVWG for the first time during our season to date, this is testament to how much DVWG has grown.

Thank you for your continued support of DVWG.