Bole Hill Walk - October 17th

Posted 18/10/2020

Every so often DVWG find an absolute gem of a walk, which we wish to repeat our Bole Hill and Nether Padley Walk was one of these such finds.

Starting from the Fox House at Longshaw we walked through the Longshaw estate, passing the lodge and walking through Granby and Yancliff Woods emerging at Grindleford Station.

After an outdoor coffee stop our party passed Padley Chapel and through Coppice Wood before walking alongside a superb path alongside the River Derwent to Leadmill. 

A steep climb to Hathersage Booths followed by a lengthy road walk out of Hathersage walking above Bolehill Quarry, where there were superb views from the top of the crag across the Hope Valley.

From here a missing footpath led us to a tricky descent down a rocky hillside in Bolehill Wood, we descended once again into Yanncliff Wood, where there was a simply stunning section of Burbage Brook at the bottom.

From here it was a steady plod back uphill for a now quite weary total party of seven, (in two socially distanced groups) through the Longshaw Estate and the end of our walk.

Well done to everyone who completed this 8.6 miles gem of a walk.