DVWG Announcement - COVID-19

Posted 28/6/2020

DVWGs management committee have held a discussion following questions from our regular walkers about resuming DVWG group walks.

Following this discussion our committee agreed that in principle some limited group walks will be able to resume provided that current government guidance around the COVID-19 pandemic is respected. In the short term we are going to explore ways of carrying out some evening walks in a safe manner, hopefully using any learnings to be able to roll out some weekend walks too, eventually.

As you can imagine there is a huge amount of preparation work to do in readiness for just one walk. 

Taking a safety first approach, we intend to carry out a risk assessment and put some group safety rules in place prior to any walks taking place. It is important to note that walks would only go ahead ensuring that government guidance around social distancing is maintained. 

In order for any walking activities to work successfully everyone involved will need to co-operate and stick to the rules. For this reason DVWG will exclude from further participation any walker who flagrantly fails to follow the applicable current guidance.

We also intend to put a walk booking system in place to ensure that the limited number of places are allocated fairly when we resume.

Upon resuming walks, sadly we will not be planning any family walks or be accepting bookings from anyone who has not attended a walk before. Our club championship will remain suspended until the restrictions of numbers of people on walks is lifted. Individual walker mileages will still be logged towards cumulative walking targets and prizes.

We thank everyone who has enquired for their continued support of DVWG and ask you to please bear with us just a little longer while we make some initial preparations for some very limited resumption of DVWG activities.