Lords Seat & Mam Tor Walk - March 7th

Posted 8/3/2020

A day out in the Hope Valley for DVWG, which proved somewhat challenging in places to our party of 21 adults and 1 child.

Meeting at Edale Station we left the pretty village ascending Hardenclough, which sadly proved a little too much for even one of our more resilient walkers, Tricia MacDuff who decided the walk was proving too tough for her and turned back to Edale.

Our party continued onto the road and turned onto the track to ascend Rushup Edge, where we encountered windy conditions and some snow too. We were amply rewarded on arrival at Lords Seat with fantastic views of both the Hope Valley and the Kinder Massif.

Following a lunch break sheltering behind a wall at Lords Seat, (higher Than Mam Tor, I was asked this question during the walk, but didn’t know the definite answer), we descended back to the road to meet the track onto the Great Ridge.

We ascended the stone steps to emerge onto the summit of Mam Tor, pausing for a group picture at the summit to celebrate our efforts and took a couple of minutes to admire the view of the busy summit before moving off.

We followed the track along the Great Ridge until we reached Hollins Cross, here we left the ridge descending the steep, stony footpath to Lower Hollins on the outskirts of Edale, crossing the River Noe and emerging onto the road just outside the village.

During the descent from the Great Ridge the weather had deteriorated quite suddenly from the wintry sun we had experienced and a short, sharp rain shower had occurred, however by the time we reached the road just outside Edale the sun was shining again and we took the short walk back to the village centre and the end of our 6.7 miles walk.

A big hello and welcome goes out to Kirsty and Lee Malone and their young son Cole who walked with us for the first time today. A special mention goes out to Cole who tackled the walk admirably. We hope you enjoyed the walk and hope you wish to join us again soon.

Today DVWG hit 150 adult walkers in our 2019/20, which is the only the second time it has occurred. Season 2018/19 our group had a record 152 adult walkers, although this number was assisted by our tenth anniversary event, Dearne Valley Walking Festival 2019.

Thank you to everyone who walked today and to everyone for your continued support of DVWG.