Locke Park Toddler Walk - 10th November

Posted 12/11/2019

A party of fifteen assembled in Locke Park car park for this short and steady jaunt.  Given recent flooding around South Yorkshire, the decision was taken to keep the walk within the confines of the park, where the paths are surfaced.  We had proposed an extension to this to Rob Royd Farm but with the walk aimed at our very youngest participants, the risks of waist deep mud or impassable paths was too high to trust to chance.

Nevertheless, the park afforded us 1.6 miles of such paths, which Maya and for the most part Ella, managed with aplomb.  There were bits of exercise equipment and trees to swing on for the older kids and, of course the play area at the end.  Given the bright sunshine, we managed to make a full morning out of it and the kids all seemed to enjoy.

We were pleased to welcome Emma, Lowri and Edith Nicholls to our ranks of participants and hope to see them join us again in the future. Thanks as ever to everyone who walked for supporting our group and particularly for your support of our youngest participants. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.