Hathersage & Stanage Edge Walk - October 6th

Posted 7/10/2019

Well the threat of terrible weather for today’s planned walk in the Yorkshire Dales meant that interest and enthusiasm for the planned Scaleber Force Walk was rather low and resulted in a re-think and an alternative walk put in place somewhat nearer home. What a gem it turned out to be.

Hathersage is a beautiful village in the Hope Valley which is often overlooked by DVWG as a walk start point, with only two walks starting from there in the group’s 450 strong walk history. It is also the gateway to Stanage Edge.

Our party of five met at the railway station and left The village via Baulk Lane crossing Hood Brook and ascended to Dennis Knoll before a steady ascent onto the edge on a very well defined path.

So far the weather had been clement with only a 2-3 minute shower, once on the edge we took a drink break and decided to extend our walk onto Stanage Pole where we took a lunch break in the sunshine taking envious glances at Stanage Lodge, a fine adjacent Victorian mansion.

The descent through Stanage Plantation to North Lees was simply stunning, by now we were walking in wonderful autumn afternoon sunshine.

A walk across field paths brought us to the outskirts of the village where we took a detour to the parish churchyard to view the grave of Little John.

A beer at the Scotsman’s Pack and a lively conversation about the return of TV show Spitting Image was reward for a great days walk before a short stroll through the village, passing Hathersage Lido and the end of our walk.

This was a wonderful 7.6!miles walk with weather which simply defied all forecasts. Well done to the five attendees who gambled on weather conditions and were rewarded with an absolute gem of a walk.