Hoyland Common Evening Walk - August 21st

Posted 22/8/2019

A great walk tonight from Hoyland Common over to Worsbrough and back for 14 walkers with DVWG. Covering 4.84 miles, we came within a whisker of an impromptu after dark walk.

Starting from the Hare & Hounds at Hoyland Common we walked to Tinker Lane and immediately encountered a blocked footpath that prevent us reaching Tankersley Common Side. A quick diversion down a track known locally as Pump House Lane rectified this and we walked footpaths close to the disused shaft of Rockingham Colliery and emerged in Birdwell.

A tricky, muddy footpath then tested our resolve but we continued to the Edmunds Arms where we took a quick refreshment break.

By this time light was already starting to fade so our return to Hoyland was rather brisk and uphill through Shortwood, emerging near the end of Kirk Balk.

Returning to footpaths we descended back into Hoyland Common at dusk and to the end of our walk.

This was a quite lovely walk which has scope to extend and explore some of the off shoots and former railway lines in Shortwood somewhat further.

Well done to everyone who walked, especially Barry Hirst, Maz Dawson and Susan Richmond who walked with DVWG for the first time tonight.