Wintersett to Walton Family Walk - June 9th

Posted 9/6/2019

This walk was the Walton to Wintersett Walk which became the Wintersett to Walton Walk, when wretched railway repairs re-routed our ramble!

Starting from Anglers Country Park, we took a path well travelled by DVWG, through Haw Park Wood to the Barnsley Canal.  Crossing the canal, we descended to the surfaced track alongside it, heading northwards into Walton.

After taking welcome refreshments at the well-stocked bar of the New Inn, we descended towards Crofton before taking a green path through fields and farmland to return to Anglers Country Park, adjacent to the witch's cauldron on the Room on the Broom Trail.

As the wind whipped up and dark clouds gathered ominously, spots of rain started to fall.  In fear that a lap of the lake was likely to result in little more than a drenching, we took the shortest route from here back to the car park, curtailing the walk at 4.5 miles.  Sadly this looked a poor decision half an hour later as the winds pushed the clouds over with minimal precipitation and then subsided! So apologies go to those who would have preferred the extended route.

Thanks to the ten adults and two children in attendance for your continued support of the group.