Conisbrough Evening Walk - April 18th

Dearne Valley Walking Festival - Day 6 | Posted 19/4/2019

Another day, another walk as Dearne Valley Walking Festival reaches day 6.

Starting from Conisbrough Station we walked around the edge of Kingswood Centre and onto the TPT.

We left the TPT and onto Conisbrough Viaduct where we paused to take in the views of the River Don and nearby Conisbrough Castle before continuing towards Warmsworth and leaving the track close to Howbecks Dike.

We meandered down tracks to emerge onto Doncaster Road and through Mill Piece and then ascended to the castle, before taking a short stroll back to the station and the end of our 3.75 miles walk.

A wonderful attendance of 29 adults and 2 children supported tonight’s walk, many thanks to all who attended especially Pete Langton, Phil & Jeanette Allam, Maria Rowland’s, Ayesha Goodyear, Joanne & Callum Jones and John Bentley who walked with DVWG for the first time tonight.