Ackworth & East Hardwick Family Walk - February 17th

Posted 17/2/2019

A great day out for DVWG today in the later winter sunshine completing our family walk starting from Ackworth and walking around East Hardwick,

Starting from the Brown Cow in Ackworth, we walked on field paths around the outskirts of Ackworth Park and alongside the Ackworth Showground to East Hardwick taking lunch at the pack horse bridge alongside the River Went.

We returned to Ackworth on field paths.

Refreshments in The Brown Cow at Ackworth were ample reward for our party of thirteen adults and two children who walked the 5.7 miles today.

A big well done goes out to Emma Powell, David Richardson and Tricia MacDuff who all chalked up 100 miles season to date today.

A big welcome goes out to Stephen Vipurs who walked with DVWG for the first time today.