League of Gentlemen Walk - February 9th

Posted 17/2/2019

Once again a great day out for DVWG today crossing the Woodhead Pass to the village of Hadfield where we completed our 3 Pennine Reservoirs / League of Gentleman Walk.

Arriving early there was time for a coffee and for some breakfast in the village where we All converged on Hadfield Station car park to begin our walk.

Prior to the start of the walk our party of fourteen were all presented with some “special sausage” aka a Percy Turners pork pie courtesy of DVWG to get us in the mood for the walk.

We set off on a Short stretch of the Longdendale Trail, part of the TPT leaving on Padfield Road and taking a footpath to Bottoms Reservoir. We crossed along the dam wall and continued along a track.

Upon reaching Valehouse Reservoir the track became a disused railway line which continued along past Rhodeswood Reservoir.

By the time we reached Rhodeswood Dam it was only 12.30pm, we therefore decided to increase the walk to include a 4th reservoir, Torside, which is much larger. We eventually reached the bridge behind the impressive dam wall before crossing back to the Longdendale Trail and starting our return to Hadfield.

We de-toured to Torside Picnic Area for a late lunch break before taking a brisk walk back to Hadfield and the end of a superb day of walking. The weather having steadily improved throughout the day.

“This is a local shop for local people” is associated with Royston Vasey & the hit TV show League of Gentleman which was filmed in Hadfield, however we found our hostelry of choice, The Palantine, pleasant and welcoming for a post walk beer before our journey home.

Well done to the fourteen people who completed the walk at brisk pace, which at 10.62 miles is the longest 6.40 miles walk ever.