Wentworth Monuments Walk - July 29th

Posted 29/7/2018

After the recent  heatwave it was a refreshing change to walk in rain. 

Our party of eleven adults and two dogs started from the village car park in Wentworth and headed out along Main Street leaving the road to continue on the footpaths through Wentworth Park, walking past the   impressive stable block and then the magnificent Wentworth Woodhouse.

Continuing on the main footpath leading to Greasborough dams we passed the Bean Seat and Doric Temple eventually taking the public footpath on the left crossing fields to walk towards the back of the Mausoleum.

The footpath eventually joined Stubbin Road and here we had a stretch of pavement walking up towards Higher Stubbin. We then cut across the fields towards Hoober Stand. We took a quick break here to admire this folly before continuing on our way through the small woodland finally crossing a field to enter Street.

After walking through Street we continued towards Wentworth but taking time out to do a short detour to admire the Needles Eye. We then returned to Wentworth village via Coaley Lane having completed 6.2 miles. This was followed by a quick drink at The Rockingham Arms. 

A warm welcome to Jane Beever and Eric Wardman who walked with us for the first time today.