Wharncliffe Crags Evening Walk - July 18th

Posted 22/7/2018

Another walk in rather hot temperatures for this short evening stroll.

Starting from the TPT car park situated off Finkle Street in Wortley our party set off on the TPT. We were one walker short as Caroline Hallworth who was cycling from Penistone and rung and said she wouldn't arrive in time.

Upon reaching the first junction of paths, Caroline appeared as if by magic, to make the entrance of the century to a DVWG walk. Apparently her bike had a puncture, so after catching the train to Penistone, Caroline had walked to Wortley to join our evening walk.

We ascended into Wharncliffe Woods, rounding the lakes and quickly out onto the crags. What is normally a very leisurely stroll on this route, turned out to be tough work for our party of ten adults and one child. A few breaks on top of the crags to admire the splendid views of the Don Valley and to take on fluid were in order.

Upon reaching the top of the crags we continued onto Wharncliffe Heath an area of outstanding natural beauty and back into the woods, walking the woodland paths back to our cars.

Many thanks and well done to the party of ten adults and one child who walked, especially Linda Booth who walked with us for the first time on this 3.5 miles evening stroll.

DVWG have not walked to the Dragons Oven, a cave situated well inside the woods, or Wharncliffe Waterfall for several years, these walks would be useful additions to future diaries.