Posted 17/6/2018

In order to comply with new personal data legislation, here is DVWG's statement on the use of our participant's information:


1. Storage

Names only are stored on the group's spreadsheet for the purposes of recording walks undertaken, mileages walked and for the purpose of indicating when milestone prizes should be awarded.

2. Contact Details Use

Telephone and email contact details are held by committee members of DVWG for the purpose of contacting individuals about participating in DVWG events and confirming arrangements only, Such contact may take the form of an individual call, email or text or a group email or text.

We will not pass your details onto any third party without your permission.

3. Removal From Contact List

If you no longer wish to be contacted about DVWG events, please contact David Kirk, Chairman, DVWG in order to be removed from any email or text groups. In these circumstances the individual should remove themselves from any associated social media groups.


David Kirk

Chairman DVWG