Hornsea Mere Walk - June 16th

Posted 16/6/2018

“It’s like Cleethorpes, but I can see the sea”, said Nicola Royston as her first reaction to Hornsea seafront at the start of today’s walk. However today’s walk had a good mix of paths, lanes, seafront, sun, beer and ice cream. Our expectations weren’t especially high today, as torrential rain was forecast too.

Meeting at Hornsea Leisure Centre, it seemed that many of the local shops & cafes weren’t open when we arrived, much to the dismay of Steve Pennock, who decided he wished to change the route of the walk before we started to walk up the promenade and see the seafront and beach. Unfortunately he then cried for the first hour of the walk as we had refused to buy him a bucket & spade.

After humouring Steve, we worked our way through the town, joining paths near Cherry Garths to walk alongside Hornsea Mere. Here we saw the site of the medieval village of Souththorpe and a pictorial re-construction.

Continuing alongside Hornsea Mere passing Springfield Wood and Low Wood, here once again Steve appealed to change the route to walk into the village of Seaton, where he had located The Swan Inn, we didn’t complain about a refreshment stop, as the weather was hot and sunny.

After a lunchtime beer, we  re-traced our steps, back to the original route walking a bridleway through Fishers Wood, taking a lunch stop shortly afterwards. From here we need to walk on country lanes for about a mile passing the village of Goxhill.

Shortly afterwards we reached the TPT, which here was the route of the former Hull to Hornsea railway line, which took us right back to Hornsea with the exception of a short stretch of the former railway line which houses had been built on.

Upon arriving back in Hornsea we wondered at the former railway station, still a magnificent building, only a few yards from the seafront and now split into several houses. It must have been an important terminus in days gone by. We walked up to the sea front in the sunshine and had a celebratory end of walk photograph at the TPT monument.

From here it was time for our customary end of walk beer, which we had watching the sea outside The Marine Hotel, where the (usual) bizarre conversation finished with us all talking about the contents of our household recycling bins.

Finally we went our separate ways and enjoyed ice cream & fish & chips and a paddle before taking the long journey home.

Well done to the party of eight people who walked this 9.66 miles route in the sunshine, especially to Nicola Roysotn who hit 100 miles season to date and Andrea Turner who hit 500 miles today.

Just for the record, there was torrentail rain on the way home.