Stanton Stone Circles Walk - May 19th

Posted 19/5/2018

Starting from the sleepy village of Stanton in the Peak we walked briskly uphill to enter Stanton Moor, where we quickly arrived at the quite imposing Nine Ladies Stone Circle before walking across the moor, bagging a photo opportunity at the Stanton Moor Trig Point as we passed.

After pausing at the Cork Stone and watching several, quite poor attempts to climb the stone from several of DVWG’s finest, we left Stanton Moor and walked through the village of Birchover, hoping to enter some woodland and look at Doll Tor stone circle. Unfortunately there was not a visible right of way and we were unable to see the monument.

Undeterred our party continued with some road walking, circumnavigating Carrs Wood to the Limestone Way, after walking ascending the bridleway for about 0.75 miles we took a lunch break in the hot sunshine, close to the nearby Hermits Cave.

After lunch we located the Hermits Cave and carried on along the Limestone way, pausing briefly to see a third stone circle situated in a field which we were only able to view from a distance.

By the time we reached Harthill Moor, the heat was taking its toll on our party, mainly our younger walkers so we decided not to view Castle Ring but continue through fields to Spring Wood and head back to Stanton. Unfortunately here we encountered some rather defensive cows with their new born calves.

From here it was mainly road walking as once again there was no right of way through the Stanton Estate, leaving us with a steep hill to ascend back to Stanton and the end of our walk.

Well done to the party of eleven adults and three children who completed this 7.8 miles walk in hot conditions, especially our two younger walkers Rhys Powell and Jack Wolniewicz who took on longer than normal walks.

A big hello and welcome also goes out to Ruth Stephens and Andrea Moorhouse who walked with DVWG for the first time today.

The Stanton area is an area which could be explored further with a variety of different walks possible, with lots of monuments and landmarks to see along the way. Let’s hope we try another walk again in this area.