Burghwallis Evening Walk - May 16th

Posted 19/5/2018

This walk was a quite lovely evening stroll around the Owston and Burghwallis area of Doncaster for the 14 people who attended.

Starting from Skellow we walked up to Owston Hall, which is quite remarkable, also passing a Dove Cote and Owston church.

Upon reaching the A19 it was time for some mid walk refreshment allowing time for the Askern 10k which was running that evening to come past, where we spotted a familiar face in Pam Kirk competing.

After our refreshment it was time to walk down Common Lane, passing Squirrel Wood,  to Burghwallis passing St Anne’s convent on the way into the village. Upon entering the beautiful village of Burghwallis we walked down a bridleway back to Skellow to finish our walk.

Many thanks to Andrea Turner for proposing and leading this one. It was a beautiful evening stroll in a different area for DVWG.