Posted 30/4/2018

There was an error on the listed start point for yesterday's walk on this site, meaning a couple of walkers went to the wrong place. Although other sources of info (the printed diary, newsletter, Facebook, SMS messages) gave the correct information, I appreciate that many of our participants rely on this site as a central source of information.

Every effort is made to ensure that correct information is distributed but I fell short on this occasion and for this I can only apologise.  To compound matters, as the start point given was about 10 minutes drive from the actual start, the error was not obvious.  It wasn't spotted and brought to my attention until I was stood in the car park at the correct start point, with 15 minutes to the scheduled start, leaving no time for correction.

Thanks to Kasia for bringing it to our attention and also for noting a misdirected link on a future event, which has also now been corrected.

With sincere apologies

Nick Powell