Hoyle Mill Family Walk - April 29th

Posted 29/4/2018

DVWG’s family walk today was a scenic stroll on the outskirts of Barnsley town centre, which whilst once quite heavily industrialised is now being reclaimed by nature.

The walk started from Dearne Valley Park in Hoyle Mill and walked around the park, which has a beautiful lake in the middle, navigating a circuit from the crazy network of paths within.

On completing our circuit we walked alongside the Barnsley Canal eventually emerging onto Pontefract Road, walking a short stretch of the road before crossing onto Oaks Lane, here we spotted the Barnsley Main winding house, much rarer than some of the wildlife seen today.

Crossing the footpaths through the adjacent woodland we emerged onto the Trans Pennine Trail walking towards Stairfoot, here we took a short refreshment break before walking on to Monk Bretton Priory.

It’s fair to say that Monk Bretton Priory is carefully looked after to preserve its remains for future generations and it is well worth a visit if you are in the area, our party took the time to have a look round the grounds and take photographs in the sunshine before re-joining the path up through Dearne Valley Park for the last part of the walk back to our cars.

Well done to the ten adults and four children who completed this 4.6 miles walk today, especially Nick Powell our Socials Officer who passed 100 miles season to date, a big welcome also goes out to our three new faces today, Julia Windle and Lynne & Greg Bell.

With three new people coming along to today’s walk DVWG also can celebrate that over 250 adults have walked with us over the last nine years, an achievement indeed for our group.