Huntsman Hobble Walk - March 10th

Posted 11/3/2018

A great days walking today for seven of DVWGs finest, completing the 7.47 miles Huntsman Hobble from Thurlstone.

First thing this morning the signs were not good for the walk with both heavy rain and mist around, fortunately this had cleared completely by the time we started. Ascending Town Gate and High Bank in Thurlstone to Royd Moor, circumnavigating the Reservoir and walking into the village of Ingbirchworth, we paused to see some new born lambs in the village.

Cue the first group collapse into laughter, crossing the village park we were speculating about the position of a well hidden bridleway, Mick Woodhall then shouts at the top of his voice, "ask this bloke coming towards us Dave", it was a woman, this left Mick quite red faced.

After walking across some pleasant fields we entered Margaret wood on the outskirts of Upper Denby, encountering some deep mud in the process.

After a lunch break at the church in Upper Denby, we opted for a spot of road walking, (no mud), to Gunthwaite.

The barn at Gunthwaite dates back to medieval times and is well worth seeing, we passed the barn, crossing Gunthwaite Park heading back towards Thurlstone emerging near to the former Scout Dyke Outdoor Centre, there was no sign of Peg Leg though !!

Some more footpath work brought us to the outskirts of Thurlstone where we encountered some deep snow blocking our path with hilarious results, as most of us finished up in a snowdrift. In true DVWG tradition though Sarah Jones proved once again that she is the queen of the snow walk with a pretty theatrical descent into a snowdrift, while Karen Etches let out some piercing screams as she got snow down her wellingtons.

Reaching Thurlstone Top of Town and the road meant the walk was nearly over as we descended the short hill back to The Huntsman for a well earned beer for our weary party of seven.

A warm welcome goes out to Caroline Hallworth who chose today's chaotic caper as her DVWG debut, "the best walk I've ever been on", she said afterwards. These were gratifying words reminding us why put the effort into our walk planning and what fun they are.

Well done to all today's walkers who walked, laughed and of course fell in a snowdrift !