Herdings Circular Family Walk - Feb 25th

Posted 25/2/2018

A fifteen-strong party took on today's walk on a day full of surprises.  Given the weather forecast for the next few days, we had a surprisingly clement day to follow a route obtained from a local Ramblers group's archive.  Given the author's remarkable underestimation of the mileage involved, it was just as well we had the weather for what was a surprisingly lengthy and hilly route!

One thing that often surprises me about Sheffield is how one can find oneself setting off walking in a densely populated city suburb and yet disappear into the most picturesque countryside in a matter of minutes.  This walk was no exception as we crossed the busy main road, strolled no more than 50 yards through residential streets and picked up a footpath into the wilds.  We navigated local fields and woodlands, the latter involving some remarkably steep inclines, to Ridgeway village and its beautiful church.  After a lunch stop here, we followed the main road a hundred yards to pick up a footpath leading to Robinbrook Lane.  Given the amount of standing water on the path it was more drain than lane and our party felt the strain as we ascended the slippery, sludgy terrain.  Indeed, this section of the walk took several casualties as some people sank above their boot tops in mud and others fell headlong into it or into the brambles at the side of the path.

Nonetheless, our party continued stoically, finally ascending a tarmac track to the school on the Charnock Hall estate, before returning through the estate to the start point.  This surprisingly strenuous affair culminated in a final surprise - a round of applause for Rhys Powell who passed the 100-mile mark for the season so far.  Well done to him and to everyone else who attended today and thanks for your continued support of the group.

A stewards enquiry into the mileage resulted in a final tally of 5,65 miles