Monsal Dale Walk - January 27th

Posted 31/1/2018

A great day out in the Derbyshire Dales yesterday for DVWG as we did a 10 mile circuit of Monsal Dale in quite muddy winter conditions.

Starting from Monsal Head we varied the start slightly, walking along the river bank to the weir before crossing the river and walking back to the Monsal Trail.

After joining the trail, we walked along to Cressbrook Mills, leaving the trail and walked over to the hill known locally as Star Gate, where many of our party had a laboured ascent.

After we descended the other side we walked the river bank passing St Peters Stone to Wardlow Mires and a lunch & refreshment stop at The Three Stags Head.

Over lunch we debated the rest of the route and we were concerned that we may run out of daylight, we therefore opted to not walk across Silly Dale to Foolow but take a field path which led us to Longstone Moor.

By the time we started on Longstone Moor there was mist rolling in, which gave us a new found urgency to cross the Moor and descend into Little Longstone, which we did admirably.

In Little Longstone they still had a set of village stocks, which provided a little levity with both Steve Pennock and Dean Duke taking their turns, we didn't have any rotten fruit to perform an accurate re-enactment though.

From here it was a short walk through the village to Monsal Head and a welcome drink in the Stables Bar.

Well done to the eighteen people who completed this one, a personal favourite despite the mud.

Congratulations to Karen Etches who achieved 100 miles season to date on this walk and belated congratulations to Tricia MacDuff who achieved the same feat last week.