Grange Park Walk & Christmas Social

Posted 2/12/2017

A local walk for DVWG today around Grange Park, the former estate of the Earl of Effingham, takin in some rather nice woodland tracks. Not the easiest route to navigate this one, hence why it has been in the DVWG archives since our last outing here way back in 2012.

Having said all that it was a pleasant walk for the 15 adults and 2 children other some early December sunshine enjoyed too. The route was 6 miles.
Following finishing the walk we adjourned to The Manor Barn at Kimberworth for our Christmas Social. The meal was delicious, it was also great to see Roy and Denise Smith who we haven't seen for quite some time following Roy's illness.
All in all a good afternoon & early evening out for DVWG, well done to Nick Powell for his choice of today's social.