Black Hill Walk - October 21st

Posted 22/10/2017

At 1909 feet above sea level, Black Hill is the highest peak in West Yorkshire and so nearly a mountain. It I s certainly a bleak place to be in bad weather, as DVWG found out yesterday.


Setting off from Crowden, the weather was surprisingly good as we tackled the tough ascent up onto the top of Laddow Rocks walking along the top of the hill along the Pennine Way.


Along the way there were several small, tricky water crossings to make before the more significant crossing of Crowden Great Brook to continue on a paved path to the trig point at Black Hill.


As expected, the wind was quite lively at Black Hill, as there is no protection from the elements, which prompted a quick, belated lunch break.


We then turned and headed for home, starting along the moorland of the original Pennine Way Path, enter Brian or storm Brian to be precise.


What followed over the next couple of hours was torrential rain and ferocious, constant wind. These were easily the most challenging conditions ever faced by DVWG on any group walk, even worse than the infamous 2011 Mount Snowdon trip. This resulted in most of us slipping, falling or sinking into bogs.


Thankfully, we all made it back to Crowden without any serious incident or injury occurring, even if we were exhausted and saturated.


Well done to the party of thirteen who completed this rather tough walk, which finished as a 10.7 miles affair, a consequence of zig zagging paths, avoiding bogs and the Pennine Way being re-routed where it has been paved.


Finally a big hello to Audrey Brownridge who walked with us for the first time on this walk.