Hoylandswaine Hobble - August 19th 2015

Posted 21/8/2015

A brisk 5 miles evening walk, commencing from the Lord Nelson at Hoylandswaine. The walk took in Hoylandswaine Trig Point, which commands some spectacular views over the Penistone area from this lofty vantage point.

After progressing over towards Gunthwaite, we turned and headed back to Hoylandswaine in fading light, however the path we wished to take deteriorated in farm land and finally simply disappeared into heavy none walkable undergrowth. There was therefore a hasty change of route in order to get back to Hoylandswaine before dusk.

8 people enjoyed the walk including Neil Holland and Andrew Prigmore from Barnsley Ramblers who joined us for this walk.

A finishing pint in the Lord Nelson was a fitting end to a decent evening.