Clifton Park Toddler Walk - 7th May

Posted 8/5/2017

Our trip out with the littlest walkers took us back to the lovely (and this time fully open) Clifton Park.  We walked a gentle lap of the periphery, dodging where appropriate the runners also present for a charity race event that day!  We then let the kids loose in the extensive play areas to wear themselves out properly.  

Our twenty-strong party consisted of 11 adults, seven walking kids and two babes in arms.  It was our great pleasure to welcome Amelia King, Val and Debbie Byron to the group and to meet babies Olivia Lumb and Toby Coy. It was a joy also to see Maya Wolniewicz take her first independent steps with the group and earn her first mileage point!  We hope you all join us again soon.