Howden to Selby Walk - March 18th

Posted 18/3/2017

A rather blustery walk from Howden to Selby for the twelve participants.
Starting from Howden station we walked across footpaths and fields to the hamlet of Newsholme, passing some rather interesting Willow plantations.

From here we walked a rather busy stretch of the A63 to Loftsome Bridge where we picked up the River Derwent.

We walked the Derwent to Barmby Barrage where it meets the River Ouse, walking along the Ouse we saw evidence of where the river had surged and the ...force of the river in some mega wide parts along the way.
A final walk along the TPT into Selby brought us to the end of this walk and a drink in a rather interesting town centre pub before our journey home.


All in all not the most scenic of our DVWG outings but a day out walking, 11 miles in the legs, nonetheless, with a few laughs along the way. Well done to everyone who came along especially Alison Hartley who had recently recovered from illness and found the walk quite a challenge.