Shillito Woods Walk - January 19th

Posted 19/1/2020

A delayed start to today’s Shillito Woods walk for DVWG, whilst we assembled another large group and everyone parked in a cramped car park where another event was occurring, however we were rewarded with a superb walk in crisp and sunny winter conditions.

Leaving the car park, we descended an icy path into Foxlane Plantation and onto Ramsley Moor, where we climbed up across the moor on a sometimes incredibly muddy path before reaching the road near Greaves Piece.

After crossing the road we entered Big Moor passing by Barbrook Reservoir and along a wide moorland path reaching the remnants of a stone circle where we stopped off for a short lunch break.

We crossed the road again and returned onto Ramsley Moor, with a tricky stepping stone crossing occurring near a frozen Ramsley Reservoir, our route was completed back to the cars by some road walking.

It was a superb turnout of 45 for today’s walk keeping up the strong attendances DVWG has enjoyed during the first few weeks of 2020.

Well done to Andrea Turner who today notched up 100 miles season to date on today’s walk.

Finally a big hello and welcome goes out to Paula Martin, Lori Penn Smith, Karly Greathead, Lisa Greathead, Kaci Pinder, Nikki Devanney, Tony, Jennie, Val, Andy, Harley & Jesse Jenkinson, Jane & Holly Brabham, Cassie Northwood, Clayton Cross and Mikey Scholey who all walked with DVWG for the first time today. We hope you enjoyed the walk and choose to join us again soon. Apologies if we have missed any newcomers for a welcome mention.

Tin Mill Dam Walk - January 11th

Posted 11/1/2020

Another great day out for DVWG today, completing our local Tin Mill Dam & Hunshelf Bank Walk in quite windy conditions.

Starting from the TPT car park at Wortley, we crossed the River Don at Tin Mill Dam and ascended Tin Mill Rocher through the woodland. This ascends quite steeply to Holly Hall Farm.

Continuing along the ridge in increasingly windy conditions, we were horrified to find the footpath blocked along the ridge where a local farmer had fenced off the path using barbed wire.

This prompted a U-turn back towards a field crossing off the ridge heading towards Green Moor. This was a blessing in disguise as the windy conditions on the ridge were becoming unsafe and were proving too much for Clive Thompson who had to be helped off the ridge.

After crossing a field we walked through Green Moor Delf, a beautiful plantation, a place where DVWG have never walked before and is worthy of more exploration and could form the basis of a future evening walk.

As we had been forced to re-route, we needed to complete quite a lengthy stretch on the road walking through Green Moor heading towards Hunshelf.

After a lunchbreak near Oakenshaw Spring, we crossed several fields and more significantly stiles, dubbed by Russell Yapp as the DVWG steeplechase, the odds on Sue Case winning this particular race lengthened considerably when she fell at the second stile after missing her step, fortunately she was not injured, however her response when asked to repeat it for the camera was unrepeatable.

We descended fields heading to the Oxspring area where we picked up the TPT for a steady last couple of miles back to Thurgoland, passing through the Thurgoland tunnelling doing customary yodels as we passed through.

A beer at The Bridge Inn in Thurgoland was reward for another great day out.

It was a joy to see such a wonderful turnout for this walk with 34 adults completing this one. A big hello and welcome goes to newcomers Dave & Jane Sowter, Danielle Moffat, Claire Dawson, Lisa Corbett and Megan Watkinson, we hope you all choose to walk with us again soon.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support of DVWG.

After Dark 10 - January 3rd

Posted 4/1/2020

Annual after dark walks usually start DVWG’s year with a buzz,  this years outing, our tenth, being no exception with another large party of walkers enjoying our quirky event.

Starting off from the Milton Arms in Elsecar, we crossed Elsecar Park emerging onto Burying Lane and then walking past Wentworth Old Mill to cross fields and emerge on the outskirts of Wentworth.

Entering the village by the Coach Road, we walked along the long path passing both churches, to reach the Rockingham Arms, where we crossed the cricket pitch to the vicinity of the Wentworth Estate Office.

Here we picked up a footpath leading downhill out of the village which was quite muddy, a pre-planned de-tour to avoid muddy tracks and fields took us onto Barrowfield Lane where we followed a track into Kings Wood, which took us back in to Elsecar and the end of our walk.

Pie, Peas and chips were served to our party at The Milton Arms, very little food was wasted by our party, I can personally vouch for the steak pie being delicious.

Thank you and well done to everyone who cam along to After Dark 10, which covered 4.6 miles of fields, paths and woodland in quite unseasonal mild weather, a lack of rain over the last couple of weeks helped the paths to dry somewhat from their waterlogged state in mid December.

Thank you to our walk marshals David Kirk, Nick Powell, Steve Pennock, Alison Hartley and Diane & Gary Marshall who ensured everyone stayed safe on the night. The biggest thank you goes to Nick Powell who completed the mammoth task of organising the pie and pea supper admirably.

Finally a big  hello and welcome to the four new faces who walked with DVWG for the first time on this walk, Emma Ridley, Rosanna Warnes and Natalie & Stephen Powers, we hope you enjoyed the walk and choose to join us again.

Thank you to everyone for your continuing support of DVWG

Norton & Kirk Smeaton Walk - December 29th

Posted 29/12/2019

On a relatively mild, dry day a group of fourteen adults and one junior assembled in the village of Norton for Dearne Valley Walking Group’s final walk of 2019.

Setting off from the Royal Hotel we walked along Priory Road before taking a lane on the left which led us to the first of many muddy encounters as our footpath off this lane led to and subsequently crossed the River Went.

Our footpath alongside the river was virtually entirely mud as we made our way to join the road at Willow Bridge. Crossing the bridge we followed the road for a short distance before taking another muddy path on the right which took us under the embankment which carried the former Hull & Barnsley railway line.

This path brought us out on Water Lane which we followed into Kirk Smeaton, stopping for an earlier than usual lunch break at the picturesque setting of Kirk Smeaton church.

Leaving the church we continued by taking a footpath which ran directly through the front garden ort a house, passing directly past the back door and through the back garden before emerging onto a track which joined Norton & Kirk Smeaton Road.

We then took the Bridle Road to Barnsdale Bar as far as another crossing of the former railway line where we turned left along Flea Lane. The end of this saw us follow Greengate Road before taking path on the left across South Field which, although signed, just presented us with a muddy recently planted field to cross.

After crossing this we eventually came out by Windmill Cottages, being forced to re-route slightly around some farm buildings with the footpath blocked. Our route then saw us return to Norton via Windmill Lane, Stygate Lane and Campsall Balk where, as ever, we finished with a pint at the Royal Hotel.

Well done to everyone who walked with us today, and a warm welcome to Ken and Helen Wyatt who walked with us for the first time. Also, congratulations to Tricia MacDuff who today reached 100 miles walked this season with the group.

Thanks to everyone who has walked with us this year. We wish all our walkers a Happy New Year and hope you will join us again in 2020 when we have plenty of exciting walks lined up to appeal to everyone!

Three Reservoirs Walk - December 21st

Posted 23/12/2019

It was a large party of seventeen adults, four children and one dog who undertook DVWG’s last walk before Christmas around the three reservoirs of Scout Dyke, Ingbirchworth and Royd Moor.

It was a mild winter day with some sunshine too, as we set off alongside Scout Dyke Reservoir, quickly reaching the outskirts of the village of Ingbirchworth, walking up the hill and crossing the dam wall.

Ingbirchworth Reservoir is one of several local reservoirs, but is often forgotten to walk around, which is a shame as the views across this reservoir are simply stunning, we completed a half circuit and joined the adjacent road ascending to the top of Royd Moor Hill, where we took a small diversion to the windmill viewing gallery, here we had ample seating for a lunch break, although it was a tad exposed with wind at the top of the hill.

We then started to descend some very muddy field paths to reach Royd Moor Reservoir and finally back to the  start point at Scout Dyke Reservoir.

Well done to everyone who completed this 6.6 miles walk in pleasant conditions, well done to fancy dress Santa, Peter Bentley and well done to Julie Foster who clocked up 500 miles with DVWG on this walk.

Finally a big hello and welcome to Glyn and Joanne Smith who joined us for the first time on this walk.

Rod Moor Walk - December 14th

Posted 15/12/2019

Certain walks which occur during DVWG’s calendar define the outcome of the club’s annual championship, this walk was one of those such walks.

It was an early start for DVWG for our Rod Moor walk, we met at Low Bradfield at 10am, the conditions were cold with a threat of rain or even snow, a party of ten assembled and we proceeded along a footpath alongside Dale Dyke into Bradfield Dale into the woods along Dale Dyke Reservoir.

This area is notoriously muddy and today was no exception, we proceeded through the woods, however, try as we might we were unable to find a footpath with allowed us to ascend out of Andrew Wood, leaving us to continue along the Sheffield Country Walk ascending to a favourite location from previous walks, Boots Tower.

Boots Tower is an eye catching monument on the landscape which is great to photograph whatever the season, we paused for a brief lunch break in blustery conditions, before proceeding through the grounds of Sugworth Hall to the road.

A further ascent along Lodge Moor took us on to Moscar Heights and a long road high above the main A57 in the Redmires area to meet Rod Moor.

We didn’t bother to trudge onto open moorland to find the trig point which is located behind the convent, we continued alongside Rod Side in rather cold conditions. Looking across the valley we saw Mam Tor had a dusting of snow on its summit.

A wander through the hamlet of Load Brook before proceeding onto field paths to Hall Broom, where there were a couple of footpaths which we had difficulty in locating as the afternoon light slipped away.

We descended through the valley of Ughill Brook and emerged at a road as we closed in on Low Bradfield in fading light, before a steep descent through New Wood to hit New Road on the outskirts of Low Bradfield, we completed the last half a mile in dusk conditions to reach The Plough and the end of our walk, where we had a beer to celebrate a tough but enjoyable day of walking.

Going our separate ways, mince pies, courtesy of DVWG and delivered by Gary Marshall we dished out to all who walked, delicious they were too.

Well done to the ten people who completed this walk, or expedition as Russell Yapp quipped, 11 miles walked and almost 1600 feet of ascent in cold conditions, that explains why our bodies were somewhat broken afterwards.

Finally a big well done to Diane Marshall who chalked up 1,000 miles with DVWG on this walk and a big hello and welcome goes out to Paul and Tracy Turton who joined us for the first time today and laughed along at our crazy antics.

Rufford Country Park & The Major Oak 2 In 1 Walk - 8th Dec

Posted 9/12/2019

Yesterday a group of thirteen adults and two children met up at Rufford Country Park in Nottinghamshire for our 2-in-1 Walk which included a visit to the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest for those taking the longer option.

The weather was surprisingly good for December, if a little windy which made it quite cool in exposed areas. We started by leaving the Country Park to travel for a short distance along a footpath along the side of the A614 before crossing and joining the Robin Hood Way which we followed for a good way along the walk.

After skirting the edge of the Centre Parcs Holiday Village, we passed Broadoak Brake and then reached the River Maun where the those taking the shorter route branched off to the right, following a path alongside the river and passing through Lidgett village before taking a long straight path alongside the railway line as far as the A614.

At this point this group faced the very tricky task of crossing the busy A614 by a railway bridge with little view of oncoming traffic. Once the main road was safely crossed the group followed a path which ran parallel to Rainworth Water to emerge back at Rufford Country Park by Rufford Mill.

Those taking the longer route branched left at the River Maun and then followed a path past Villa Real Farm to reach Sherwood Forest. A short walk through the scenic woodland paths brought us to the Major Oak where we took advantage of the picnic benches to take our lunch break.

We then continued past the site of the former visitor centre, which is now a forest restoration area, following the new path that took us past the new visitor centre to emerge in Edwinstowe.

Our route took us through the village to then join the same path alongside the railway line that the group doing the shorter walk took. The advantage we had was that local knowledge from Kate Payton advised us to take a short farm track on the right before we reached the busy A614 which allowed us to cross with far more visibility than our other group had had. Once we had done so we continued on the same route as the shorter walk back to Rufford Country Park.

After making our way part way around the lake we met up with those that had remained from the shorter walk and, on the recommendation of Russell Yapp, we made the short trip to the Maypole Inn at Wellow for a deserved drink while a few enjoyed a superb Sunday lunch – a great recommendation Russell!

Well done to the six people who walked the 6 mile shorter route and to the nine who completed the 9 mile longer route. Also, welcome to Kerry who walked with us for the first time yesterday.

Finally, congratulations go to Steve Pennock who has now clocked up 1000 miles walked with DVWG and to both David Kirk and Audrey Brownridge who have both surpassed 100 miles walked in the season to date.