Highfields Country Park Toddler Walk- 30th June

Posted 30/6/2019

And so the curtain falls on another fine season of walking for Dearne Valley Walking Group.  Today's caper was our quarterly toddler walk, aiming as ever to get our very youngest participants some healthy exercise and walking experience. As it was, six adults attended with five walking children and baby Charlie in his pushchair making up the dozen.

Unfortunately, whilst the Doncaster Council leaflet shows walking routes starting from the car park, which is behind Woodland Park Club, the postcode they supply on their website is for a residential street about a quarter of a mile away!  Hence our party took some assembling before we could make a start.  Descending to the lake, we headed west on parkland tracks to meet a disused railway line, ascending a short flight of steps onto the Roman Ridge, which we followed south before entering Hanging Wood. We then followed a rather overgrown path along the back of the houses on Coppice Road, to emerge back at the lake, of which a three-quarter lap returned us to our cars.

Highfield Country Park is a lovely green space, with grassland, lakes and weeping willows aplenty and Hanging Wood is a pleasant suburban woodland.  Sadly the wood and, to a lesser but still significant degree, park are marred by the blights of littering and fly-tipping.  Nevertheless, at 1.75 miles it was a good distance on mostly good paths that suited the intended audience well.  All except 6-month-old Charlie, who was on his first outing with the group, walked the full distance unaided and so we sign off with a thanks to the grown-ups and a well done to the little ones for completing today's walk.

We now look forward to a new season for the group, with a jam-packed first quarterly diary and also to the forthcoming presentation events. We hope to see you all soon.