Tideswell & Monks Dale Walk - September 15th

Posted 16/9/2018

I simply love walking in the Peak District, today was no exception, our group completed a 6.8 miles circuit of the Derbyshire Dales in quite lovely early autumn conditions.

Starting from the pretty but often overlooked village of Tideswell we made our way out towards the Limestone Way, heading for Monks Dale. Monks Dale, as anyone who remembers our walk through there back in winter 2015 would agree it is quite a connoisseurs walk. Today, in sharp contrast to our 2015 walk the dale and river were dry.

Although the Dale was dry it is still quite tricky to walk through this Dale, a nature reserve where nature has simply taken over. Our party negotiated the slippery stone paths and fallen trees admirably if not always in a dignified manner. Towards the end of the Dale we finished up walking along the river bed which was bone dry and made for an easier path through than the one alongside.

We sat on the bridge across the river to take a belated lunch break, our feet dangling off the bridge. Had we tried this back in 2015 our party would have been shin deep in water.

After emerging from Monks Dale, we entered the pretty village of Millers Dale pausing briefly to check our route we then had to ascend a quite brutal path to the Monsal Trail.

As you may imagine the Monsal Trail was extremely busy with both walkers and cyclists taking advantage of the weather conditions, for the DVWG party it was only a short stretch to walk, before leaving and descending to the stunning hamlet of Litton.

From Litton we took a steady meander through Tideswell Dale, again another very stunning Derbyshire Dale, which is very popular because of both its beauty and wide, well surfaced paths.

From here another short but steep footpath took us to Tideswell Town End where we took a steady walk down the narrow streets into the village and the end of our walk.

A quick beer (for some) followed at the Horse & Jockey in Tideswell before commencing our journey home.

Well done to the 8 people and one dog who completed today’s lovely 6.8 miles walk especially Katie Summerell who tackled the walk and challenging conditions in Monks Dale admirably, even freely sharing her iced party ring biscuits along the way !

Shelley was main photographer today, watch out for her pictures which will show some of DVWGs finest in undignified poses having fun in Monks Dale.