Castleton & The Seated Man - 9th Sept

Posted 10/9/2018

Sunday saw Dearne Valley Walking Group visit North Yorkshire for an 8.5 mile walk from the village of Castleton to see the 3 metre high bronze statue of a seated man on Castleton Rigg.

Our party of eight adults and one child set off from the Downe Arms pub in Castleton, making our way westwards along the High Street before taking a left turn to follow the Esk Valley Walk down the side of the cemetery. This took us past Didderhowe Farm and eventually to a tarmacked road which led us to West Green Farm.

After passing this farm the road changed back to a track as we continued past a several more farms, including Blackmires where we spotted numerous young peacocks. Continuing southwards our route saw us carefully evade a large heard of cattle before we made our way to Danby Head.

Here we encountered the hardest part of the walk with a short, steep uphill section which then levelled out before again proceeding steeply up hill to reach the main Castleton Road on Castleton Rigg where we were immediately struck by how windy it was on the higher ground. We then followed the road norrthwards, passing High Crag to reach a junction at Low Crag.

Here we took a left turn before making our way across the open moorland to locate a path which took us up on to Brown Hill where we easily located the Seated Man. The Seated Man on a three-legged stool was created by artist Sean Henry and commissioned by the David Foss Foundation and has a magnificent view as it overlooks Westerdale. The statue is due to remain in place for five years.

After the traditional group photos were taken we continued along Castleton Rigg before dropping down to re-join the main road. After continuing along this for a short while we took a diagonal path to the right to drop down through bracken to Forest Lodge where, now well out of the wind, we took a belated lunch break.

After our stop we passed through Forest Farm and, after not being able to locate our intended path, took an alternative route along a track back to the western edge of Castleton and then finished our walk with a well deserved drink in the Downe Arms.

Well done to everyone who undertook this walk which offered superb views of Danby Dale and Westerdale.