After Dark 8 Walk

Posted 6/1/2018

Mud, mud and then more mud was the theme for DVWG’s After Dark 8, our annual crazy challenge walk last night.

As per last year the walk was around the Elsecar and Hoyland area, starting from the Milton Arms leaving Elsecar via footpaths to Milton Forge before entering the rather muddy Spring Wood.

We then negotiated several muddy fields before crossing the main Barnsley to Sheffield road to enter Bellground Woods. Here the mud fest really began and there were several people falling as we negotiated the woodland, the most elaborate of all was Dean Duke’s effort which has prompted a call from the American Film Academy who have confirmed an Oscar in reward for his effort.

By the time we left Bellground Woods the evening temperature had dropped giving way to a keen ground frost which added further complications as walking was slippery underfoot and walkers became cold as our large party slowly crossed a series of stiles as the route continued.

After crossing the main Barnsley to Sheffield road once again we entered Skiers Spring and walked on to Alderthwaite Farm before crossing field paths to Skiers Hall finally crossing Elsecar Park and back to the Milton Arms.

Well done to the 32 adults and 10 children who completed this 4.5 miles adventure, our party were amply rewarded with a delicious pie & pea supper at The Milton Arms for their efforts.

Thank you to Nick Powell for organising the pie & pea supper and to Nick, Alison Hartley, Diane & Gary Marshall for their assistance with marshalling the walk.

Plans for 2019 are already underway and DVWG intend to start After Dark 9 from the Milton Arms once again with a circular walk from Elsecar to Wentworth and back via Kings Wood.

Hopefully we’ll see you all again for our 2019 adventure.